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  • Shreya Rajagopalan

How to Pick the Right PR Agency for your Business

Setting objectives, creating a budget, thorough research, fixing standards, and finally decision making. This is the primary process companies follow concerning critical investments in assets, management professionals, and even public relations. Given such a wide process, how do you find a PR agency that tailors landmark communication strategies, delivers results, and excels at crisis management?

The beauty of PR lies in its malleability. There is no one-fits-all approach to earned media and the PR efforts that exhibit the deserved reputation of every company out there. Here are a few things to consider while picking your business’s ideal PR agency.

1. Partnership - The Ideal PR relationship.

The ideal PR agency for your business must be less of a mere vehicle for earned media and more of a partner for objective attainment. They must function as an extension of your business rather than a distinct unit.

“How can your company grow with ours?”, “How can we help you?” are some of the questions a business can ask their potential or existing PR Agencies. This helps facilitate their work and make a clear stance, content, and other essential elements needed for a successful custom-made strategy for you to adopt. Further, such a question illuminates both parties’ desires to work in tandem and grow together as a unit.

2. Crisis management - Do your research

The foremost goal in an event of a crisis is to apprise all related parties about the current situation, potential risks, and the immediate action plan. The PR team plays a crucial role and is the first line of defense during crisis management.

It is essential to know the proactiveness of your PR partner is in its response to crises faced by its clientele. Their official website and social media pages are sources for case studies and client testimonials that substantiate their competence.

PR crisis analysis is a good way to learn from all the mistakes once the turmoil settles down.

3. Results - Know where you stand

“How do you measure success?”

Quantifying PR campaign results and feedback is a growing science adopted by all businesses. The media outreach and earned media campaign outcomes reflect a sense of accountability on the part of the PR agency; this also helps in easier comparison of results and performance.

A good PR agency must be on the lookout for the next best measure of success, thereby providing unmatched value-added services to your business. Advertising Value Equivalent (AVEs) and Edelman Trust Barometer are some of the criteria used today in the PR market.



Awareness. Communication. Dynamicity.

Know yourself; know your agency. Being cognizant of your business’s risks and opportunities, communicating success stories, and appropriately insuring yourself from potential disasters is the goal of prosperous PR partnerships.

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