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Our tailor-made social media strategy to meet all your goals, from brand awareness to lead generation.

Unlock Social Media Success

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Our social media promotion tactics boost outreach by creating appropriately optimized content via SEO and keyword integrations, attracting target audience attention, and driving repeat traffic to your social media platforms and website. 

Our Approach  

Deep Dive: Research is at the core of everything we do. We understand your landscape, what's working, and what's keeping your target audience engaged, and we marry that with your business and digital objectives.

Conversations: Generate shareable content that encourages interaction

Community: Build social communities with similar accounts and users across media

Positioning and Consistency: Effectively target the right consumers and position your brand to achieve growth targets and be consistent with achieving the set objectives

Our Process

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Extensive research leads us to understand the industry landscape and brands’ social presence that should reflect in the long run.


New ideas for future posts are regularly ideated and shared to ensure consistency with new trends.

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A detailed social media calendar is prepared to flush with all the assets we would prepare across relevant social platforms.

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The content bank and assets are built in advance and sent for approval ahead of schedule.

Our Offerings

Strategy and Goal Identification: Our promotion strategies optimize all prominent platforms by carrying out our approach and plans in a way that communicates a unified brand voice across all social media accounts.

Social Media Plan and Calendar: We develop a personalized social media plan and calendar in advance to keep the work structured and on track and to ensure consistency/continuity.

Content Ideation and Creation:  We develop SEO and keywords oriented content for media websites, blogs, and social media handles.

Multimedia Management:  We do preliminary research on our client's industry, competitors, and target audiences. Accordingly, we create plans based on their business and marketing objectives. While each channel has its strategy, they are all linked together by their brand's messaging. These channels serve as a source of information for their overall marketing strategy.

Graphic Designs and Creative Assets:  Our key principles are to deliver excellent quality work and the best designs and constantly stand true to deadlines and the client's expectations. At Madchatter, we have a talented squad of graphic design professionals. Like our other services, the graphic designing and creative assets division/department is also centered on our agency's core values.

Social Media Analytics Reports:  Our social media analytics reports aid in better evaluating clients' digital performance and determining future actions accordingly.

Google Ads: Our team is well-versed in generating leads with Google advertisements to help clients tap into their target consumers when they look for businesses like theirs by positioning their business at the top of Google search results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic marketing on social media?

Organic marketing on social media offers a great opportunity to engage directly with your target audience and attract potential customers by creating relevant and engaging content. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide various options to communicate with your audience through stories, carousels, reels, etc. By leveraging these organic marketing tactics, you can increase your brand's visibility and establish it a key industry player, leading to building a loyal customer base and generating more leads and conversions over time.

What is paid marketing on social media?

Paid marketing on social media allows you to engage with your target customers quickly and efficiently. By creating targeted ads based on demographics and interests, you can tap on a wider audience base with precision. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide various opportunities to leverage paid marketing for brand promotion. With paid marketing you can create social media ads that convert and craft the right message with impactful creatives to lower traffic cost and increase click-through rates. It can be the golden door for brands seeking faster results and growth opportunities.

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