Planning a PR Campaign? Explore What’s Coming Your Way!

Successful PR Campaigns

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, public relations (PR) campaigns have emerged as a transformative force. Top PR agencies tailor their PR services by strategically planning and empowering brands to elevate their visibility, cultivate trust, and forge meaningful connections with their target audience.  Let’s delve into the multifaceted benefits that a well-planned PR strategy […]

Social Media Marketing Supporting Modern-Age Startups’ Growth

Startup growth and Social media marketing

We’ve witnessed a fascinating evolution in information-consuming trends, moving away from the newspapers and radio to the vibrant world of social media. With a staggering 4.95 million social media users in 2023 and a spirited 4.5% annualized user growth, it’s evident that social media marketing has become an integral part of businesses.  Social media emerges […]

Media Mastery: Ten Essential Tips on Successful Media Interviews

Discover 10 key strategies for acing media interviews. Elevate your presence and excel in the spotlight with Madchatter's expert insights. Contact us today!

Have you ever watched a media interview and been immediately impressed by how the interviewee effortlessly answered every question, showcasing a remarkable blend of presence, knowledge, and personality? This scenario is not exclusive to individuals; companies also find themselves in a similar position when they aim to communicate their motives and stories through media interviews. […]

Authentic DEIB and the PR Industry

What do businesses seek, resultant to the people-centric calamities that are being rightfully voiced and brought up all over the world? From the Black Lives Matter movement to the Stop Asian Hate campaign, oppression and discrimination among people are being voiced out. Businesses must do their part in contributing to the positive change that is […]

Madchatter Revisits the OG women of the Public Relations Industry 

This Women’s Day, Madchatter revisits some of the OG women who shaped public relations and what we can learn from them Most historical accounts trace back the origin of Public Relations as a profession to the early 1900s. These accounts, unfortunately, only vaguely mention just how instrumental of a role women played in the shaping […]

Navigating Public Relations in the Social Media Era

Social Media and Public Relations

Have you ever wondered how businesses navigate the PR landscape in the social media age or how they navigate how to build and maintain their reputations in the era of tweets, likes, and shares? These questions linger in our minds, holding the key to unlocking the secrets of effective strategies within the modern PR ecosystem.  […]

The Evolution of Women In Public Relations

Evolution of Women

The evolution of women in PR illustrates how throughout industrialization history, women have fought to go from demure homemakers to voting individuals, working individuals, and eventually top management leaders in business, the PR industry, and beyond. This journey has resulted in Public Relations becoming a woman-inclusive industry and a woman-dominated industry. Genesis: The World PR […]

Why are Start-ups Investing More than Ever in PR?

PR for Startups

Every start-up has a new story to tell, and whether that story is one of success or failure is in the control of the start-up itself. One’s success does not solely depend on the amount of time and money invested in their genesis but also on how this effort is portrayed to the people who […]

What Goes into Launching a Brand Successfully using Public Relations

How to Launch a Brand Successfully?

Gone are the days when you need a considerable marketing budget to launch a brand. The advent of social media has made the process more accessible and efficient, with greater outreach to your intended audience.  Here are a few tips for startups to structure your brand launch strategy: Set up a Brand Launch Plan: The […]

What Makes a Company Stand Out in a Competitive Market?

Make Your Company Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Businesses operating in established areas confront aggressive competition – there is no denying that. Thus, businesses’ key priorities and concerns center on developing a solid presence in the sector. Companies have several obstacles, including building a brand and attracting and keeping clients. As a result, they have two options: develop and thrive or eventually become […]