Why are Start-ups Investing More than Ever in PR?

Every start-up has a new story to tell, and whether that story is one of success or failure is in the control of the start-up itself. One’s success does not solely depend on the amount of time and money invested in their genesis but also on how this effort is portrayed to the people who matter, i.e., venture capitalists, potential investors, and your business’s target audience. PR ensures to make a start-up’s story is irresistible and bolsters the brand’s image to sustain at the top. 

Here’s a breakdown of why we think start-ups are investing more than ever in PR

1. The Foundation of all Foundations:

A start-up entails an idea and its execution. Do you know what else it involves? People – who are passionate enough to live and breathe it. A start-up needs people to care about its efforts,  to invest in it, engage with it, and even go as far as to write about it for other people to know about it. 

Investing in PR enables this exact irresistible pull towards your start-up. A good PR integration in your business allows you to build relationships with journalists and media outlets on a personal level, thereby garnering their interest to see you grow and talk about this growth in the media. 

2. The Undercurrent of Authenticity:

Start-ups must learn to capitalize on their sheer novelty in the market. They ideally should reflect its founder’s authenticity and originality. It, however, takes only a whiff of miscommunication or inaction in the media for a start-up to be seen as juvenile and adolescent instead of pioneering and ambitious. 

Investing in PR helps solidify a favorable reputation for your start-up along with building credibility at every step of the way. A start-up’s authenticity must reflect not only its business proceedings but also its urge to say a story well. This intent must be communicated well for the media to want to talk about you.

3. Everyone Loves a Good Success Story: 

Start-ups must realize that media communication is a two-way relationship; they must know that their story is of value to the media outlet/journalist they are pitching to. A start-up that presents itself in the most appealing way will naturally be a good story to cover. 

Investing in PR enables start-ups to understand the beat the media talks about and what it will pick up to cover. A deep understanding of what attracts the media helps formulate your business’s best and most irresistible pitch for them to cover. 

Credibility,  Potential, and Dependability. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has got venture capitalists and investors to demand more, before investing. Awareness of the importance of earned media (PR) in attaining a sustainable reputation in the market is essential to provide the right amount of certainty to today’s newly wary investors and stakeholders.

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